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                Our Competitiveness

                Our Competitiveness

                KI Kingdom CNC Machinery (Suzhou) CO., LTD. is a company that integrated Taiwanese and Japanese technology. All the machinery components are processed in-house by the imported machining facilities. This effort ensures the product quality. Regarding the assembly, the procedure are abide by Japanese standard and all the contact surfaces are scrapped. We insist in the spirit of “Pursuing Quality Endlessly” as our core principle.

                Our Competitiveness

                In order to control the quality of our machine tool products, all the castings and critical components are processed in-house. We invest a lot to import machining facilities and hire technicians with profound experience. With bounteous resources in manpower and hardware, KI Kingdome is able to produce machinery with outstanding quality, performance, precision, and durability.



                New Double Column 5 Phase Milling Center imported from Japan



                向輝 Surface Grinder



                向輝 Double Column Grinder



                Quaser CNC Horizontal Milling Center




                Chinese idiom says “You must sharpen your tools if you want to achieve your goal.” KI Kingdom knows that in order to make an outstanding masterpiece, advanced inspection devices are as important as skillful technicians. We prepared QC room with constant temperature in which there are many important inspection devices, ensuring the quality of our products and satisfying customers’ demands for cutting edge quality.


                ZEISSCMM Device


                OLYMPUSMetallographic Microscope


                OXFORD INSTRUMENTSpectrometer


                Casting Tension Detector



                Rigid Procedure for Casting Management

                All the castings of KI Kingdom machine tool products adopt FC30-standarded gray cast iron. These are all well treated by rigid aging treatment.

                Exclusive design and technological analysis

                Castings are analyzed by professional software to proceed dynamic simulation and structure design. These efforts ensures structure rigidity.

                Special fastening method of tool magazine

                The innovative vertical design makes the load-carrying of tool magazine towards the bottom, which avoid de-forming effect that causes accuracy flaw, as the conventional side-hanging magazine design would load one side unilaterally.

                All the contact surfaces of the KI Kingdom machine tools are deeply scrapped by skillful technicians, such as the contact surface between base and column, the contact surface between ballscrews, linear guides, and motor base. These efforts make sure the accuracy of the machine maintain for longer period of time.

                The linear guideway surface of KI Kingdom is grinded in rigid standard, higher than ordinary standard.

                Precision assembly center makes sure the accuracy of the product

                KI Kingdom insists that all the assembly procedures are made in-house without outsource. This ensures product quality as well as accuracy, and consolidate our own advantageous technology.
                In KI Kingdom, there are many talents from different fields. We imported various advanced facility and we even establish our own automation department.
                Before we sell you products
                • We can help customers customize production processes and machine tool outfit, and even turnkey solutions. We help you conquer your manufacturing obstacles and get the orders from your customers.
                After we have sold you products
                • We offer free manpower training course and many other technological support. We have set service offices for you, or we have cooperated partners in all the major cities in the country.
                • With ordinary condition, we offer you maintenance services free of charge. We promise you to respond to customers’ questions within 24 hours, and reach your place to deal with your problem within 48 hours.
                • We preserve a lot of consumables and critical components in our storehouses. That is why we are able to respond to customers’ problem notification in a fast manner, shortening your delay time, and reducing your lost.